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I am using the new Digital Dentist 10, which uses Picture Publisher Professional 10 photo image editing program. Now let me say that I've been a very satisfied user of another well known and popular dental imaging program for five years now and I've gone through a few upgrades with them. For me it was easy to learn and use, but there were a number of things that just didn't cut it for the level of sophistication that I wanted. What with putting in studio lighting in my consultation room, 23" monitor, new imaging computer, and getting the Canon D30 camera I was looking for a better program to make my imaging consultations really outstanding.

So I looked at Digital Dentist for almost a year, and all I can say is that hands down (my personal opinion) it is a much better program for my needs than what I had been using.

The ability to drag and drop the library (single tooth or full smiles) right onto the image is a big plus.

The color control is quantums better (ok... we're talking about much, much, much better color control).

You can do all your editing in tiff format, rather than jpg or tga formats. Lose less image clarity during manipulation, and then you can reformat to smaller jpg files when the imaging is done if needed.

I've been asking them to include the constrain aspect cropping feature in my old software for years now, and it comes on this program.

You can mask the lips so that your imported teeth from the library slip right under.

The tutorial is included, audio & video, and is very, very well written.

The Lorin Library (which comes with the program) is very well done and easy to use. You can even use any other library you might like with Digital Dentist. But with Lorin Library you can drag and drop individual teeth as well as full smiles.

The clone feature allows much better fill or erasing than the pull feature with my old program.

It has a mask feature that.... well, you have to see how sophisticated and easy it is to use to appreciate it.

However, printing is not as automated as with my old program. But with the miriad of third party software available for printing images, this is not a problem.

Norman F. Huefner, DMD; LVI forum

I purchased the Digital Dentist system last month and am now practicing with it and truly love it. Thanks for producing a product with such a useful manual. It has made learning fun and simple.

Cliff Compton

PS I love the Lorin Library (don't tell Lorin)

I have been using Digital Dentist for about 3 years now, I just received your update this past week and spent this afternoon doing some cases with it. WHAT CAN I SAY. This is GREAT! Your tutorials are fabulous.

My hat is off to you, you have created a wonderful visual aid for case presentation.

Gary Grablin, DDS

First of all, thanks a million for your support. Here is what makes Digital Dentist better than the popular imaging system I was using. With Digital Dentist and Lorin Library you can choose the proper shape teeth from the provided collection and pull in one tooth at a time, using the tools available to fit the teeth exactly where and how they should be without losing the patient's original anatomy. I know this is somewhat harder but the difference in the images is so striking that it is well worth the extra effort to learn the system. I love the imaging capability, it is 1000 times better than what I was using!

Ralph Mandus, DDS, Cocoa, Florida

"I've been testing your Digital Dentist with Lorin Library for about a month and I must tell you that your entire digital imaging package is fantastic. After a short learning curve, I am able to communicate to my patients and my labs exactly what smile enhancements are possible.  The Lorin Library is a great addition to the Digital Dentist.  My patients and I are able to choose the smile that is most appealing to our eye.  You should be proud of this exceptional tool that you developed.  I have expressed my enthusiasm for this imaging package to Rich Madow and a review in The Richards Report is forthcoming. Congratulations.

Dr. Ed Leikin, Catonsvill, MD

"Professionally and thoughtfully done.  I still can't get over how clever your idea for instructing one to use Picture Publisher for dental purposes is! 

Dr. Marty Goldstein, Wolcott, CT

"I purchased"I purchased another cosmetic imaging systems and returned it because I felt it was overpriced. Then I purchased your system. Thanks for saving me from imaging software extortion! I am doing everything with your software that I had planned to do with the other program: image storage, image manipulation and image retrieval. However, I am smiling a lot while using your software because I know Digident saved me $2500 on software and another $1500 on hardware. During the first two weeks after receiving your tutorial I used moments during the day while waiting for anesthesia and used my lunch hours to learn the software. I'm still learning, but the step-by-step tutorials got me up and going in no time. I expect a 25% increase in whitening cases alone this year. I can't thank you enough. "

Dr. W. Mark Hodge, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I have been showing people what can be done with their smile via your imaging system. I have been getting quite a positive response and many people are signing up for vital bleaching. Even though I have real nice before and after pictures of others, they like to see their own smile enhanced. "

Dr. Gary Grablin, San Rafael, California

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the work you have done (on your imaging training). Truly remarkable!"

Dr. James Shipley, Middleton, Wisconson

I think I have your imaging down pat!  I spent one day on it and all is going excellent.  The CD ROM is an excellent help.

Dr. Geoffrey Speiser, Australia

Last summer I spent many hours trying to learn dental imaging (on my own).  The result was confusion.  I think your way is absolutely the best.  My graphic computer teacher and I think your (system) can save me a lot of time!

Dr. Riccard Marini, Italy

I really love your program, the more I do (imaging), the more I want to do!  It's neat that you are teaching me so much. . .

Dr. Daniela Sever, Boston, MA

The program is excellent. . . !  You have nearly made it too simple to understand, which is good.

Sun Dental Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have spent several hours on the program and it is very good. . . Impressive effort on your part!!

Dr. John Feist, USA

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