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Help your patients see what cosmetic dentistry can really do for them. With Digital Dentist, you can learn to use cosmetic imaging affordably, at your own pace, and in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. The system includes professional imaging software, training manual, training multimedia CD and the Lorin Library.

A letter from a new Digital Dentist user:


We tried your suggestion of imaging on a full face shot rather than a close-up. Not only did it make Lisa's life easier (and her job faster), but you're right! The patients love seeing their ENTIRE face with the beautiful smile! WE LOVE THE LIBRARY! A week after you guided us through the setup, we landed a $5000 case. Thanks so much for calling us (YOURSELF) back so quickly after we alerted you. This kind of personalized attention really means a lot and says a tremendous amount about your company and products. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!

Wayne Hofflich, DDS
Mount Vernon, NY


The Digital Dentist system utilizes the power of a true image editing program. You can learn how to use it on your own but you may find it time consuming and frustrating. Dr. David L. Traub, founder of Digident, has developed a system that makes cosmetic simulations both user friendly and easy to learn. The system customizes the user interface of the image editing program to put all the tools necessary for dental imaging right at your fingertips. It includes an intensive training system (step-by-step written procedure manual) and a drag-and-drop image library. The library allows you to drag entire smiles or single teeth into your simulations.

The image library was designed by Dr. Traub. The library makes "One Minute Imaging" possible by allowing you to select a smile design and then simply insert it into the patient's smile. Each design is based on the subtle changes in the incisal edge/embrasure shape of the 6 anterior teeth. Insert that smile into your patient's image, do some minor touchups of color and blending, and you are done in as little as one minute!

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