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The Lorin Library product line has been discontinued. If you are interested in a smile guide please look at our interactive smile guide, the Smile Guide Touch for iPad.

Dentists who are experienced with cosmetic treatment know that the subtleties of smile design can make the difference between the success and failure of a case. The dentist must observe and specify a host of factors including midline, cant, incisal edge position and shape, golden proportion, and color. It has been said that the shape of teeth can be defined by the patient's facial shape and gender. However clinical observation disproves this and strongly suggest that teeth are defined by their independent genetic code. If this is correct, then how do we decide what shape to make a patient's new smile? The answer is to leave the decision up to the patient, give them what they want. Leave the choice of shape up to personal preference. This is why we created the Lorin Library.

The Lorin Library is 3 products that can be purchased separately. First is the Smile Style Guide. This spiral bound full color 88 page book presents a 3 step process for the selection and communication of an unambiguous smile design. This book is appropriate for your reception room, treatment rooms, and all rooms where you may be discussing smile design with your patient.

Step one is selecting the shape of the cuspid. This is done by viewing a page of smiles shown from the lateral view. Flat, round and and pointed cuspids are demonstrated.

Step two is the selection of the shape of the four incisors as they appear with the chosen cuspid shape. You can view each shape combination as it appears from the front, side, and portrait views.

Because the variations are subtle changes in the incisal third (or incisal embrasures) of each tooth, the book also gives you the option of comparing all the options on a single page.

The esthetic perception of relative tooth length is also a matter of personal taste. Step three allows you to define the relative length of the incisors as they relate to the cuspids. Four relative incisor lengths are shown to allow your patient to chose a preference with your guidance.

The second product of the Lorin Library is our Interactive Smile Style Guide (iSSG). (Product Discontinued, replaced with Smile Guide Touch*).

Of course a book and CD can only present the smile designs on a small number of faces. Because most likely your patient will not look like any of our models we have chosen to show all the designs on a single face. This serves to eliminate the factor of different facial features effecting the esthetic perception of each design. For showing the chosen smile on your patient's facial type, use cosmetic imaging and the images of the Lorin Library.

Lorin Library Mini-imagesProduct three of the Lorin Library is a CD containing digital versions of each of the 18 smile designs. With the use of cosmetic imaging it does not matter that your patient's features do not match those in the guide. Your patient can be male, female, old, young, black, Asian, Indian, or any combination and you will be able to show them their chosen smile on a face with their exact facial features, their own.

The Digital Smile Designs CD consists of retracted views of the 4 versions each of the 18 smile designs (72 total images) ready for incorporation into your cosmetic imaging program. Unlike any other smile library, the "versions" of each smile design compensate for the various ways patients smile and for the angle the portrait photo was taken. For most of the popular imaging programs you can import the entire smile for each design.  Or you can create your own "extraction" library from these images as your program allows.  If you use Digital Dentist Cosmetic Imaging system, the smiles are available in both full smile versions, upper arch only, and as individual tooth objects (mini-images that can be “dragged” and placed one at a time into a patient's photo for simulation of veneers or crowns). The images of the Digital Smile Designs CD have been tested for use in the following programs; AlterImage, Patient Gallery, Eaglesoft, ImageFX, Dicom, Vipersoft, and Photoshop.

The Lorin Library encourages the doctor and patient to select the desired smile design from the Smile Style Guide.  If you do not have imaging capability show your patient all the designs with the iSSG, request that your lab purchase a Lorin Library Smile Style Guide to enhance their service to you. If you have cosmetic imaging capability, the imager will use the corresponding digital design to simulate the proposed dental treatment.

Don't forget, the Lorin Library Smile Style Guide and the iSSG are great stand alone products if you do not have cosmetic imaging capabilities.  If you do have imaging capability, the Digital Smile Designs CD works with almost any cosmetic imaging software program!

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*Smile Guide Touch is not a Lorin Library product

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